To get to know more about us..
Here's a little story of our Band,
It's just started from a simple dream

2000 - The Start
We simply starts with Electone in early 2000. This is the part when we realize that life isnít as easier as we thought. A lot of ups and downs,
a dozens of stressed case in front of us, but we manage to get up and stand up.

2003 - A Band is formed!
Here we are getting bigger, and we gather more talents and put our hands together to explore more creativity till our limits...

2004 - The struggle
From Cafes to Restaurants, from gatherings to some small wedding ceremonies, we continue to struggle to be a high quality band so that when a big opportunity came, we will surely score...

2005 - Now - The Big Band!
With a lot of supports from many vendors, Smiling Face Band now perform in so many colours of music, concepts, costumes & customs formats... no limitations! And in 2007 we become the best selling Band in Surabaya and yet still we manage to maximize and keep the stability of our performance in every events!


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